Quarantine in South Korea in 2021
In February 2021 I spent 14 days in a quarantine facility supplied by the South Korean government. This is what I was fed and what I saw out of my window. I was not allowed to leave the room for 14 days. The food may not look too bad in the images but let me tell you, it was atrocious. It was always cold, mostly bland but every now and then it was uber spicy. It definetely always was dry as hell. No outside fresh food was allowed to be delivered either. Only chips, Coke and stuff that does not expire for at least 6 months. Alcohol was strictly forbidden. The 2 weeks were tough but I used them well creatively, I reckon. I am currently working on a film as well. After the first week they pretty much started repeating the menu. Knowing nothing great would be delivered made the second week even harder. Post production: Christian Cordova Bueno (food) and myself (window shots).

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