BMW Concept 4. Forbidden Red.

Shot on location in Hamburg and at Cinegate Studios using an Astera-light-ceiling I designed and Monty Johannsen from Cinegate built for me. Shot in my own Trichromatic technique taking it one step forward again.

client: BMW Group | project: Concept 4. Forbidden Red. | creative director: Julia Obermeier. Nicole Prinz | producer on set: Sven Laabs for the urban night shots | production company: Tim Michel Producer | production manager: Ali Fard | location manager: Sven Laabs | set designer: Simon Puschmann, Julia Obermeier | photo assistant: Thomas Ternes,  | 2. photo assistant: Jonas Krantz | 3. photo assistant: Rupert Cammineci | talent: Leon Elias Hohloch | wardrobe stylist: Tanja Rose |  foodstyling: Thorsten Schmidt | hair & make-up artist: Rebecca Herrmann | post production: Christian Cordova Bueno.

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